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What is Chronic Pain?

What is Chronic Pain?

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Chronic Pain Management

What is chronic pain and how can I treat it?

Chronic pain refers to the length of time pain lasts rather than how severe it is. If your pain has lasted beyond the time expected for healing following surgery, trauma or other condition, and this is usually consider to be three month, then most health professionals may consider this to be chronic pain.

The term chronic pain is sometimes also referred to as persistent pain. Persistent pain can cause all manner of anxiety and finding a doctor who understands you and can manage your persistent pain can be equally painful (pun intended). The team of specialist doctors at The Chronic Pain Management Clinic located at Spendelove Private Hospital have developed at team-based approach for individuals when it comes to management of chronic pain.  They individually tailor programs to patient’s unique needs. Ideally an intensive 2-week inpatient program is the first step in the program.

It may also be worthwhile seeking advice from a counsellor or psychologist as in some instances untreated managed chronic pain can lead to self-medication which in turn can lead to substance abuse and/or addiction.   at 

Holistic approach to chronic pain management

The Chronic Pain Management Clinic take a holistic approach when working with chronic pain management. This includes exercise physiology, physiotherapy and psychology. There is also a holistic pharmacist who will work with you and the specialist to ensure the medication you are receiving doesn’t result in any adverse reactions.

The Chronic Pain Management Clinic website also have a resources link which lists a number of organistions that provide help to both the individual suffering persistent pain and the partners and family members who also suffer due their loved one’s pain.

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