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Air-conditioning installation and service

Air-conditioning installation and service

Our friends at South East Electrical are now installing air conditioners. Air conditioning installers are often electricians. It helps to have a sparky or two around so you can connect the air conditioner’s power to the mains. A standard air conditioning installer ins’t allowed to do this. When you’re working developments, often the electricians on site don’t want to commission work that isn’t theirs. So you’re a bit stuck. Unless you’ve got your own electricians. Which leads us to the inviable, electrical companies installing air conditioning. South East Electrical have ARC tick certified air conditioning installers on staff, so they can handle every bit of the installation.

Air Conditioning Website

Despite the fact that electricians are so well suited to installing air conditioning, and the fact that so many already work in the industry, there is perhaps a conception that an electrical company isn’t the first choice when you want an air conditioning unit. That’s why Glenn started up Air Conditioning Installation & Service.

We growing traffic to the website, including running a successful Facebook advertising campaign. We created a landing page for a special offer (supply and install for a bit over a grand) and used Facebook ads to push traffic. The resulting leads resulted in about 20 quote acceptances.

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