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New Website For Gold Coast Pest Inspector

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We have recently completed a new website for the Gold Coast Pest Inspector. He is what he sounds like. He does pest inspections and pest control on the Gold Coast.

It’s fair to say that he is existing website was awful. It was costing him business and turning away what little traffic he was getting. Coming off a low base it’s easy to improve. But the trick is to not just improve but making it the best.

We had two goals for the Gold Coast Pest Inspector website. The first was conversion. We wanted to convert his existing traffic into jobs. We wanted a website that was easier to navigate, better-looking and delivered on the promise of bringing in new business.

The second goal is one that we are growing for him. It is to improve his situation in the Google search engine ranks. We have been tracking his main keywords since we took over and are pleased to tell you that we have experienced a 31% growth in just a couple of months. It is fair to say that that has yet to show up in increased turn-over just yet. But we do know that many of his search terms are entering into the top 10 positions and will soon start delivering for him.

We have also introduced Google reviews to the Gold Coast Pest Inspector and have used Google schema to get Google snippets in our search results. For instance, if you Google “natural termite control” you will see his 5-star review status next to his search results.

Pest Control

Our next goal will be to improve his search results for the search term pest control and pest control Gold Coast. These are the most sought-after search terms in his category. That and termite inspection. We’re currently tracking in position 5 for termite inspection but need a big improvement in pest control to bring in meaningful numbers for that search term.We’re confident with our current strategy and have seen such good growth that we know to with our current campaign.

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