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An SEO Case Study For 25% Growth In 3 Months

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When we took over the Gold Coast Pest Inspector website three months ago it was not bringing in any business. Now it’s making the phones ring and it’s booking jobs. Let’s take a look at how we made this happen.

We Called In The Experts

Web Design Man

Web Design Man

Good design is the key to content that converts.

seo lady

SEO Lady

This lady knows how to disseminate your content.

media man

Media Man

Content is king. Meet the king of content.

Now you’ve met the key players, let’s talk about how we got 25% growth in just 3 months.

We Redesigned The Website

There was agreement all around that the website was in terrible shape. What little traffic it was getting was being turned off by a terrible website. This was a great opportunity for us to design a website that converted the existing traffic and was poised to bring in new traffic. 

Old Website Versus New Website

Use the slider to the right to move between the old and new website. The old website was deterring what few visitors they were getting.

It's Conversion Stupid

This should be the motto for every web design, SEO person and marketeer. Conversion is paramount. No use getting people to the website if you can’t get them to commit. 

We don’t need to redesign every website we work with but in every case we will need to adjust content. Content is at least 50% of SEO. We want hard working content that is drawing people in, holding their attention, and getting clear actionable results from them. 

We Re-Hosted The Website

You know who likes fast websites? Everyone!

Here’s a shortlist: 

  • I love it
  • You love it
  • Your visitors love it
  • Google loves it
What you see below is independant analysis from GT Metrix. You can run this test yourself and repeat our result. You can run it on your own website. I bet you didn’t get two green scores did you. That’s a shame because speed is a ranking factor and it’s great for anyone who uses the website.
Speed Is Good For SEO

Bring In The Force Magnifiers

Are you familiar with level of difficulty in diving and gymnastics? If two atheletes do a dive equally well, one of them will get higher points because their manoeuvre was more difficult.

There’s a similar thing at play with websites. If two websites have equally optimized content then Google needs another way to decide a winner. We call this Page Authority.

The interesting thing about page authority (PA) is that it doesn’t really exist. But SEOs spend a lot of time talking about it. It’s an invented metric that we use to measure the relative power (level of difficulty) of each website. The better the PA the more likely you are to rank.

Building PA

We’ve been working to build Gold Coast Pest Inspector’s PA. It’s a secretive arcane practice we can’t tell you too much aout. Suffice to say it has a lot to do with judicious link building. 

Let's Get Social

Here’s a simple metric we can all understand. The more people are talking about you the more important you are right? Yea, maybe in reality TV. But also in websites, to some degree. Getting noticed in the right circles is part of good SEO. 

infographics for SEO baby!

All content can be interesting. Did you know that termites do over $4 billion damage to Australian houses each year. No? But it’s interesting yes? 

We work hard to make content accessible and interesting. To make interesting and shareable info-graphics. And when these get passed around Google notices. When traffic starts coming from Facebook and Instagram, when our info-graphics are saved on Pinterest, Google notices. 

25% Growth In Three Months (well okay it was 24 but we rounded up)

pest SEO growth

The reports that we run (using independent software) are telling us we’ve had 45% growth in three months. Since taking over Gold Coast Pest Inspector we’ve turned around the business and are generating mtuliple leads daily. This from a  website that would be luck to generate one lead per week. 

Chasing The Hard Ones

The most important metric for our success is how busy our client is. We keep in contact with Richard and we know he’s now being kept busy. To make Richard busy we had to not just chase the easy keywords but also the hard ones. Especially the hard ones. They were:

  • Gold Coast pest control
  • termite inspections

They’re the ones that will bring in big traffic. And happily that’s what is starting to happen. 

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