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CyberPanel + LiteSpeed = Performance

gt metrix final

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You’re chasing website speed right? You’re running your tests in GT Metrix or Pingdom or similar, and you want top marks. 

Of course you do. And it’s not just about getting A grades in tests. These results mean something…

  • Fast websites are good to visitors
  • Fast websites are good for SEO

Google values fast websites because it knows we do too. Fast websites rank higher and when people visit they’re much more likely to stay. So…

What's An Easy Way To Get A-Grade GT Metrix Scores?

The trick is to host on a good CyberPanel server with Litespeed caching. These two things alone will boost your website more than all the hours you’ve probably spent tinkering with caching plugins and the like. We’re getting A-grade scores on GT Metrix with no optimizations. We don’t mess about with fickle caching plugins. Total set-up time on this was about 5 minutes.  

Okay, let's go to the video...

What you see here is the before and after. We started on a very good server (it’s one of ours). Then when migrated the site to our Cyberpanel Server. Then we included the free CDN. We tested each time and recorded the results.

We also tested at Pingdom to cross-verify our results.

Okay, so Pingdom gave us a B. But check out the speed. We loaded a 1.6Mb website in just over half a second. 

Why Is Litespeed So Good?

Litespeed has different server architecture than your standard Apache-derived website hosts. Their event driven architecture is faster and more efficient. And better yet, they have their own built in caching system. Their WordPress plugin talks directly to this caching system, giving you the best possible performance and eliminating caching headaches common with other caching plugins.

Free And Easy CDN With QUIC.cloud

Have you much experience with CDNs? Was it easy and reliable and free? Of course not. I’ve used Cloudflare and Amazon Cloudfront extensively. I’ve never been satisfied with either. Cloudflare is super easy to set up but can break stuff. And when you’re updating or testing your website you never really know if its caching is causing problems. And it’s not that fast. Cloudfront is faster but it’s not easy to set-up and it’s not free. 

QUIC.cloud Is Designed For WordPress & Litespeed

Integration is key to so much of the success of CyberPanel and Litespeed. Not only is QUIC.cloud super easy to set-up it’s also 100% integrated into the CybperPanel/Litespeed system. Fast, effectice and reliable caching is what you get. And it’s free.

The purpose of this test was to do a real-world application of the Cyberpanel/Litespeed hosting. We didn’t mess about with extra plugins or optimize the web page itself in any way. All we did was host the website on Cyberpanel and cache with Litespeed, doing minimum set-up to mimic real-worl conditions. But then we couldn’t resist doing a little tinkering under the Litespeed hood. Which gave us the result above. We still haven’t done any on-page optimizations or added plugins like Asset Clean-Up. We just tweaked the Litespeed settings a little more.

Do You Want A Faster Website?

Yeah, of course you do. Contact us and we'll get you sorted with CyberPanel and Litespeed.

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gt metrix final
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CyberPanel + LiteSpeed = Performance

You’re chasing website speed right? You’re running your tests in GT Metrix or Pingdom or similar, and you want top marks.  Of course you do.

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