Aquatic Weed Containment

JJ Industries are a great example of where good SEO and webdesign come together. In a small market (silt containment, weed containment, aquatic weed booms) it is important to keep ahead of your competitors. In this industry your competitors are often also your collaborators but that doesn’t mean a healthy competition doesn’t exist between then.

When it comes to aquatic weed containment JJ Industries have put themselves in a very competitive position. They have been willing to go out into the market, campaign for work and customize weed containment solutions to suit their clients. The other side of having great service and a great product is having an effective and hard working website.

Weed Containment SEO

weed containment boom on Robina LakePogo have been lucky enough to have been involved in every aspect of this website. Working closely with JJ to understand their products (we know much more about aquatic weed containment than we ever thought we would) and develop their site so it looks good and works hard for them. Importantly, we were allowed to control all the copy that went onto the pages and could write text that was effective for SEO (hitting terms like aquatic weed containment, weed containment booms, and spill containment booms) and effective for converting visitors into customers. Conversion is an important consideration here, as important as the SEO. With the aquatic weed containment field being reasonably small you’ll never get 1,000s of visitors each month for “weed containment” queries. When you do get hits for weed containment you want to make sure you’re converting them. JJ’s website has proven to be effective in getting people to the pages and then converting them. Feedback from clients has indicated that they find the site reflective of an organization who are professional, experienced and trustworthy.  JJ’s website has shown that not only will it draw searches for “aquatic weed containment” but then provides the information and broadcasts the kind of impression JJ would like for their public face.


Weed Containment Booms and Aquatic Silt Curtains

Aquatic silt curtain Gold Coast construction site JJ Industries are now market leaders in many categories in their field, including important terms such as “weed containment” and “aquatic silt curtains”. They compete strongly (top three, eg “weed booms”) in every other term we’ve targeted. This puts them in a very competitive position to attract and bid for tenders in their field. Pogo like to be a part of the success of the people we deal with. Knowing that we’ve helped in some small part to make JJ more competitive in the weed containment  and silt control fields gives us great pleasure. As an example of return on investment for SEO and webdesign it’s also a great example of what Pogo Webdesigns can do for you.


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