Caring for Sterling Silver Jewellery

Pogo Webdesign recently launched a website for  Murkani a Saigon-based label. Murkani have the kind of experience in marketing and brand development that would make others jealous. They’re busy teaching themselves the new arts of social marketing as well as developing all the traditional market avenues and getting their products on shelves.

Pogo Webdesign are assisting where required. Kiralee recently wrote a great article on Sterling Silver Jewellery Care and it’s been Pogo’s role to make sure that article has a life in Google searches. Murkani are a start-up and their budget is limited but we’ve worked withing those limitations and now Murkani have a small web presence for Sterling Silver Jewellery searches. It’s not enough at the moment to bring in a great deal of web traffic but it’s something we can grow on.

Growing Sterling Silver Jewellery

sterling silver jewellery by Murkani

It’s a hard road developing a new brand but we’re expecting Kiralee to make time for another sterling silver jewellery blog among the other million things she has to do. It’s important that we establish Murkani’s relationship to sterling silver jewellery and also appeal to her growing social network with relevant and interesting information. One thing we keep stressing here at Pogo Webdesign is that nothing happens in a vacuum, that good SEO is good web design, is good social networking and marketing. We’ll work with Kiralee to develop sterling silver jewellery content and help her grow her presence in this market.

My wife is already sporting some of Murkani’s sterling silver jewellery. The designs are very beautiful and the quality of the worksmanship is outstanding. One thing that’s true in search engine marketing a normal marketing is that it’s much easier to promote a good product. Murkani plan to develop beyond the sterling silver jewellery they’re currently providing but at least with these products they have a solid base they can rely on.

We look forward to seeing Murkani grow and we look forward to seeing Murkani feature highly in Google for Sterling Silver Jewellery searches.


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