No1 Boutique Features Mela Purdie and Paula Ryan

No1 Boutique is an existing client of ours you might already know of. They were called, until recently, No1 at Evergreen. The Evergreen centre, where they are located, has changed hands and as part of the make-over is now called Island Emporium. Rather than chasing someone else’ branding with a name change No1 took the opportunity to rebrand as No1 Boutique. The new name doesn’t mislead by referring to the Evergreen Centre (which was confusing some people still) and better reflects their position as a leading ladies fashion boutique.

Part of what makes No1 Boutique such a favoured shopping destination is their well-crafted range of complimentary fashion labels. They’ve built up a clientele with their ability to source labels their clients love, and because they stock the best and most comprehensive range of those labels. Many people travel as far as Toowoomba, Brisbane and Byron┬áBay┬áto purchase from No1 Boutique.

It was partly this long-range clientele that prompted No1 Boutique to offer an online store. Pogo have helped them this year to install a POS system that integrates with their new online store. No1 Boutique use Vend HQ as their point of sales system which links through to their online Shopify shop.

This system is a good example of what Pogo can do for a company. We sourced the solution, installed the hardware, set-up the point of sales, trained staff, integrated it with the website, helped with the social media marketing, set-up the website and are now doing their search engine optimization.

The strength of No1 Boutique is in the management, the staff and the labels they stock. Two of their strongest labels are Mela Purdie and Paula Ryan.

Mela Purdie

The strength of both these labels is in making clothes that look great no matter where you where them. Mela Purdie’s clothes that travel with you ethos is shown in the careful blend of fabrics and cuts. Making clothes that look great straight out of a suit case is one of Mela Purdie’s strengths. For Mela Purdie No1 Boutique is a great destination, with plenty of Mela Purdie in stock and examples of the depth of her range of clothes.


Paula Ryan

Paula Ryan has had over two decades at the pointy end of the fashion industry. She’s well known in New Zealand where she was the founding editor of their foremost fashion magazine. She’s a great presence in the fashion industry, having taken everything she learned and applied it to make clothes that flatter women, that can form the basis of a wardrobe essentials collection, and wear beautifully. For Paula Ryan No1 Boutique is a No1 destination!

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