Great Value Holidays

Great Value Holidays

One of the most important aspects of any website project is its return on investment. Great Value Holidays had been using their previous website as a prime marketing vehicle for several years but it was apparent that they could do more with it. We wanted to make the process of turning interest into inquiry more easy and so we redesigned the site around this concept. While we were at it we also made it easier to navigate and cross-navigate the site.

By using an ecommerce template with an inquiry form replacing the shopping cart we were able to build a site that makes it easy to present information and provides a very immediate way for people to inquire on a holiday they’re interested in. The nature of ecommerce sites allows users to cross-navigate the site. That is, they can find a certain holiday by following a path through from a destination (eg Gold Coast), a travel type (eg coach) or type of tour (eg Christmas holiday). By allowing people to find their own way through the ┬ásite we make more of the site available to them and increase the opportunity for them to find the holiday they’re looking for.

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