Three Farmers

Three Farmers

The Three Farmers website is a good example of why we love web design so much. The breadth of topics and people involved is always going to keep our minds stimulated. We were thrilled to be invited to be involved in making a website for a farm in Victoria and are just as thrilled with the outcome.

Three Farmers website came about for a number of reasons. They wanted a space to show their barbed wire art, to inform consumers of their products what other products they offer, and to join the wider discussion on rural life through the blog. Within a week of the site going live they received an order for barbed wire art through the site.

The Three Farmers website has recently gained a gallery to showcase Liz’s excellent photography of farm life and will soon grow a link list of Liz’s favorite rural blogs. As someone who is an inveterate blogger I’m thrilled to see someone who wants to be part of her community and contribute to the discussion.

Three Farmers Website

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