Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art of getting your site to the top of Google. Pogo will work with you to promote your existing site, design a new site specific to the task, or with your current site but with updates to the site.

First Things First

First you have to know that SEO doesn’t happen in a bubble. SEO can draw hits to your site but it can’t convert them to inquires nor convert those inquires into happy customers. So don’t be surprised if, as part of our SEO appraisal, we ask you more questions than what term you want to optimize. SEO must form part of an over-all strategy to be most effective, and that might include elements of social media, advertising, and even details of your actual product or service.

As part of effective SEO strategy Pogo will appraise all elements concerned with making that strategy succeed.
[box]SEO for Meadow Park

Case Study

Meadow Park’s existing advertising campaigns always gave them a short kick but didn’t stick. We proposed a social media and SEO campaign backed by a competition and integrated into the “Katagiri Club”, which reflected their efforts to fundraise for koala research. It’s been a great success in many ways, not least the SEO which has drawn interest for junior golf clinics, social golf and ladies golf, terms which are all in top ten, some in number one in Google.[/box]

Proven SEO Track Record

Pogo have a track record for promoting sites into the hardest of categories, for improving young sites and developing older sites into competition beaters.

[box]Pogo SEO for get a tradie SEO

Case Study

1800 Get A Tradie came to us wanting to promote their new business, an online trade directory. We worked diligently to promote the site, working on one new search term every month for many months, including some of the hardest search terms on the Gold Coast. We landed top ten hits for Gold Coast electricians, handymen, pool cleaners and pest control. Our idea for 1800 was to launch them into the top ten for each of these categories and then they could sell into those trades on the back of their strength in Google. [/box]

Durable SEO

One of the fears most commonly expressed when entering into search engine optimization is whether the website will fall prey to the vicissitudes of Google. Google change search algorithms and sites drop. This happens but not without reasons. Google’s tinkering of search algorithms is designed to improve the users experience, to give better more relevant results for search queries. If a site drops due to these changes then it’s an indication that the SEO work wasn’t done properly. Good SEO is durable and stable. Pogo’s SEO techniques are careful and thorough. Their structure and content is such that we need never fear changes from Google. If anything, we welcome any changes Google make that might weed out those who take shortcuts.

[box]jjwebsite logo

Case Study

JJ Industries is a strong case for not viewing your SEO in a bubble. Sure, our promotion of JJ Industries for specific search terms has put them above their counterparts Australia-wide, but feedback from clients suggests they approach JJ because they know from the site that JJ have the edge over the competition for knowledge and reliability. [/box]

Content is King

If your SEO company doesn’t write content then they’re doing something wrong. Identifying new search engine niches and providing content to service that niche is what separates Pogo from its opposition. The point of SEO is not getting you to the top of Google for one term and then resting on our laurels. For Pogo that might just be the first month’s work. Content is integral to what we do. As we work on growing your business we must work on growing your content.


Case Study

CMP Film & TV approached Pogo with a desire to be the Gold Coast leader for online video marketing. We knocked that over in the first month, with new content on his site and elsewhere, then identified break-out terms “web video production” and “online video production” as out targets for 2nd month.[/box]

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