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SEO For Brisbane CCTV Company ASA

Search engine results can be more fickle than you think. One company that proves that is Brisbane security company ASA. They had a great place in the top ten of Google for well over a decade. This refers loads of work from CCTV and alarm security systems searches. Bob is a master at his craft, giving accurate quotes over the phone, signing up new clients and dispatching installers. He visits his clients, he calls ahead, calls them when he’s halfway there, calls again to make sure they’re happy after the security system installations…it’s a well-oiled machine that delivers great results for ASA and for their clients. But little did they know they were teetering on the edge of SEO oblivion.

As It Happened: The Descent Of Brisbane Alarm System

brisbane security alarms lost links
Dec 11th. The first day ASA lost a tonne of links.

Brisbane Security Alarm systems is ASA’s website (brisbanesecurityalarmsystems.com). It had maintained a good position in Google searches despite having only a few backlinks. Backlinks are important to Google because it uses them to measure the relative importance of different website. The theory is, if your website is important, if it has good information, people will reference it. In the land of the internet, those references are links. We call them backlinks. The more backlinks you get the more important you must be. There’s more too it than that of course. Google also judge the value of different links, their relative importance, relevance and whether they’re coming from good websites (like ours) or bad (like Russian hack sites).

Turns out Brisbane Security Alarm Systems only had a couple dozen links from a handful of websites. When half of them disappeared in later 2017 and then the rest in early 2018, ASA’s website had just 5 links. Three of them were bad links. They plummeted like a stone. One of only two good links was from Pogo.

brisbane security alarms links
Only 1 bad link left. Three good links, all from Pogo.

What Happens Now For Brisbane Alarm Systems Website

First we disavow the bad links. Disavowels can be a messy way of getting rid of bad links. Thankfully one link was a picture dropped into a site using the href from ASA. We removed the picture from our site and hence from the other site as well.

Then we build up good links. Links like the one from Pogo above. Then from our other websites.

I’d also like to link from TES Gold Coast. Reciprical links can be dodgy at times. It was an over-used strategy at the dawn of SEO that was effective and then effectively killed off by Google. But when you have two companies as strongly connected by content and intent as ASA and TES, you have a reason for swapping links. As competitors, this may not be agreeable to both parties. If it is, then both can benefit.

Home Smart Security In Brisbane

TES also want to push into Brisbane, which is why they’re establishing Home Smart Security. That website gives us the opportunity to target Brisbane as a standalone market for TES.

Lessons To Be Learned

There is a very important lesson to be learned in this. ASA thought they had a solid position in Google. This presumption was backed up by over a decade of good results in Google searches. But they were in a fragile position. All it took was a couple of websites to disapear or get taken over by undesirable elements they were down for the count.

Get yourself an SEO analysis, even if you’re in a good position. Your competitors are probably working hard to beat you. And perhaps, like ASA, you’re much more vulnerable than you think.

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