Pogo web designs deliver on the promise of the internet to promote and grow your business. Being invisible on the web is worse than not having a web presence at all, because you’ve paid money for it. Pogo removes such concerns with an intelligent and integrated approach to web design that includes:

  • mobile friendly web design
  • search engine optimized web design
  • social network integrated web design
  • easy update CMS (content management system) systems

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murkani websiteFull e-commerce website with social media integration, waitlists, wishlists, full-width portfolio page, blog, dealers listings with a custom template design. The Murkani website started life as a 456shop template and was wholly customized for our client, with custom fonts, full-width pages, custom lay-out and graphics. By starting life as a template we have delivered on price. By customizing we have made the website a genuine custom site.

[/tab] [tab]direct planning solutions websiteA clean and simple page for a local financial planner, the DPS website is kept clean and functional so we can focus on the information. A masthead slider provides the warmth of character the site would otherwise lack and use of headings and boxes divides information into comprehensible chunks.[/tab]
[tab]meadow park websiteThe Meadow Park website was a re-design of their existing website to build them a web design around an advertising and social media campaign spearheaded by Pogo. The web design was centred around a campaign to grow their social media for use in fundraising for Currumbin Sanctuary and marketing for the golf course. We have also been active in SEO for the site and you’ll see them featured in many golf related Google searches.

mitre10bundallsmMitre 10 Bundall’s website was becoming something of a patchwork quilt as elements were added and removed. They came to us with a web design they liked but for a variety of reasons it wasn’t quite workable for what they wanted to achieve with the website. We presented them with a design that was aesthetically similar but more function for the various goals of their site.


Affordable Web Designs

Pogo web designs simplify the process of getting your business onto the web. Our practiced and straight-forward approach allows us to deliver content directly to the web quickly and effectively. Use of template systems, in-house copy editing and SEO, make the process of getting your website from idea to content to delivery a speedy process. Experience and drive combine for quick delivery which translates to reduced costs of implementation  without sacrificing important elements such as search engine optimization.

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Case study

E & G Gordon came to Pogo with an existing website that was doing nothing for their business because it was invisible to search engines. We delivered him into the top ten for half a dozen major search terms by re-designing and optimizing his site. He went from invisible to top ten material within weeks of contacting us. The current platform is ready for further search engine optimization and growth for their business.[/box]


Integrated Web Design

Pogo web designs incorporate elements of social networking, search engine optimization (SEO), usability, and conversion techniques, meaning we draw traffic and convert traffic into clients. With all the of elements of internet marketing working together your website returns on your investment many times over.

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Case Study

JJ Industries first Pogo website had an independent and experienced copy editor write the text. The site sunk without a trace. When it came time to overhaul their main site Pogo convinced them to allow Pogo control over the entire site. The resultant site has proven it’s value over and over again as it draws new clients and opportunities to bid for large projects.[/box]


Responsive Web Designs

Designing for mobile devices has become an important part of our industry, as more users move to experiencing the web this way. Google have publicly announced that the mobile experience is something they take seriously and that good mobile friendly designs will be favoured by their search engine. All good reasons to make your site mobile friendly. Pogo web designs are mobile scaleable or have mobile templates, meaning your site works on mobile devices.
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Case Study

Our recent overhaul of Great Value Holidays website incorporated many elements for better web experience including a mobile ready theme. [/box]


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