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Our cloud is based around super-fast WordPress solutions. Regular back-up, malware scanning, and SSD caching available. We’re committed to making WordPress the most enjoyable platform for website owners and visitors.

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Google loves fast, loves content, loves sharing, loves us. Join us.

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Choose from platforms dedicated to WordPress or cpanel hosting.

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Join the cloud with email, calendar, sharing and more.

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Flexible ecommerce solutions from the WooCommerce experts.

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All our servers at Australian based to give the best results to your visitors. Choose from plans that include standard web servers or our WordPress turbo servers.

  • Standard server architecture
  • 10 GB HDD
  • Back-up + Restore
  • Dedicated IP
  • SSL Certificate
  • Malware Scanning
  • Turbo server architecture
  • 10 GB HDD
  • Dedicated IP
  • SSL Certificate
  • Malware Scanning
  • Site Backup + Restore
  • WP Rocket
Business Pro
  • Turbo server architecture
  • Dedicated IP
  • SSL Certificate
  • Malware Scanning
  • Site Backup + Restore
  • WP Rocket
  • Valet Support

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Commitment to Sharring Resources

By investing in technology like Updraft and WP Rocket we can share $100s in value with you.

Large Disk Storage

Don't be restricted by cheap hosts that strangle your data. Have heaps of space with our cloud.

There For You as You Grow

Large sites shouldn't suffer or need re-hosting. You won't outgrow us.

Automated Processes

Choose our premium services for automated back-up, restore, updates, scans and more.

Investments in Technology

Our virtual servers are the best and fastest available. We delivery fast page views always.

Customer Service

Say "Hi!" to your personal web valet. Our Australian-based team will be there for you.

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Our Company

We’ve been trading in technology for nearly two decades. Our company forged a reputation for reliability and integrity that is still the cornerstone of our vision.

#1 in Speed

Our websites are in the top % for speed and usability.

#1 in Design

Design brings together elements to convert visitors to consumers.

#1 Domain Registrar

Secure your name with our domain registration service.

#1 Support Team

Deal directly with the people who work on your project.

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Easy to use

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Customizable Designs

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Free Domain

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eCommerce Solution

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